March 30, 2022

Boadilla del Monte Town Council grants license for the most important community residential project in the Community of Madrid.

• Boadilla Hills is located on the M516, opposite the Hospital “Puerta de Hierro”, Valdecabañas,. With an investment value of more than 250 million euros it will be the largest development of its kind in Madrid.

• Boadilla Hills, with a buildable area of more than 90,000 sqm and 60,000 sqm of green areas, is the largest development of community residences with services and communal areas, aimed at young people, families and seniors, each with their respective spaces and services.

The Boadilla del Monte Town Council has granted a licence to BWRE, a real estate investment fund manager focused on the metropolitan area of Madrid, to go ahead with the Boadilla Hills project, a development of more than 1,500 community residences, located in Valdecabañas, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). The project, with 60,000 sqm of green areas and a buildable area of more than 90,000 sqm, will be developed for young people, families and seniors. It has been conceived under the highest sustainability certifications, respecting the environment and providing a natural, safe community environment with the highest quality standards.
This project, with an investment value of over 250 million euros, will be the largest development of its kind in Madrid, with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom community residences and a wide range of services such as: swimming pools, library and reading rooms, gym, spa, relaxation, physiotherapy and massage areas, play areas, horticultural areas for growing fresh products, as well as a commercial area for the use of all the residents of Boadilla, including office spaces and high quality restaurants.
In addition, Boadilla Hills will have 24-hour security and a total of 1,800 parking spaces below ground level, guaranteeing accessibility to the different uses and the quality of the green spaces. At the same time, this will help to ensure that the adjacent areas to the project are not disturbed.
The initiative also includes the intervention on the adjoining streets, which will improve the public roads in the area and the planting of numerous trees, creating a forest as a barrier between the development and the M-50.
Hortensia Bermejo, Managing Partner of BWRE, says “we are very happy to be able to create a different space to live in, where family, work, health, fun, friends, sport, leisure interact… Boadilla Hills is pioneering a new way of living”.
The Mayor of Boadilla del Monte, Javier Úbeda, indicates that “the investment that is going to be made in the municipality shows the strength of our city, which is the benchmark of the metropolitan area of Madrid, for its quality of life, safety and services”, and declares that it will be very beneficial for the residents, as “it will mean around 10 million euros for municipal fundraising over the next 10 years from IBI, ICIO and various municipal taxes, as well as generating employment and increasing the commercial offer of the city in an area that requires it”.
The concept has been designed by the English studio BGY in collaboration with Arnaiz. One of the main factors considered is the respect for the area in which Boadilla Hills will be built, maintaining the key areas of Valdecabañas and respecting and reforesting the surrounding area to maintain a native woodland within an urban environment. It is located on a plot next to the M50 where the City Council has concentrated the use to provide single-family housing developments with more public spaces. Boadilla Hills, will be developed and integrated into the current Valdecabañas urban development plan.