BWRE has long been concerned
about “ESG” matters.

Environmental, social and governance issues has been an integral aspect of our business from the start.


Focus on retrofits in urban core (maintain vs. landfill). Encouragement of public transport and carsharing programs. Incorporation of recycled materials in our construction. Reuse of second-hand furnishing in our flats. Environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning. Maximum space densities with shared interior and exterior spaces.


Focus on marginalized groups (young renters and elderly). Respectful treatment of tenants, reasonable guarantees. Attempt to integrate with neighbours as opposed to aggressive gentrification. Cleaning-up neglected buildings dealing with squatters and drug addicts not addressed by local authorities. Provision of spaces for young entrepreneurs at subsidized prices. Rent reductions for public activists. Affordable rents in city centre vs. distant locations where cars required. Long term rents vs. focus on Airbnb tourists. We believe in the importance of well-managed quality rental stock as opposed to sales product combined with fractional reserve banking to creating an artificial debt based monetary supply and alleged home ownership via mortgage lending to lead to subservience and obedience.

“Affordable rents in city centre vs. distant
locations where cars required.”


Collaboration with local authorities to generate local employment. Attempt to keep existing employees on staff from acquired companies. Avoidance of tax loopholes. Publicly listed vehicles require transparency and opportunity for long-term investors to participate in the projects.